Hello + question about pandas!

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Hello + question about pandas!

Post by Nicovera » Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:33 am

Hey everyone! :D

I just joined the server today (I think I made a character awhile back but I forgot the account ID, so I'm starting from scratch). Having a lot of fun so far and experiencing an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.

I'm hoping someone can help me by telling me what the situation is regarding panda outfits on this server. When I started playing EO as a teen, I honestly fell in love with the panda outfit when I first encountered it. I was lucky enough to eventually obtain one back on main EO (before they were made to be lore). I was pretty heartbroken when the database wipe happened and I lost my panda suit, and it put me off from starting anew for quite a long time.

I'm really hoping this can be my second chance to once again be able to roam the first MMORPG I ever played as I did when I was younger - in a panda suit! As such, I would like to know: are panda suits available? If so, are they tradeable - if not, how can they be obtained?

Thanks so much - looking forward to meeting new (or old) players! <3
- Shalimar

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Re: Hello + question about pandas!

Post by Kingofdemonz » Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:43 am

First of all, welcome back to EO. Glad to hear you're having fun. It's always nice to see old players returning to EO.

Now, as for your question about pandas. There are 2 kinds of Panda Costumes, lore and unlore. You cannot trade or drop the lore one, but you can with the unlore one.

The lore Panda Costume spawns in the Artist Chest, which is a bit difficult to get to for newbies, you must be lvl 20 or above to get there. The chance of you being there when the chest spawns is nearly 0% unless you know someone who knows the exact spawn time. Again, the chance of the chest spawning a Panda Costume is 1/4(25%), so it's not guaranteed you'll get it even if you make it there on time. Not to mention there will also be others competing for the spawn. If you want a lore Panda Costume, you're gonna have to go through a lot of shit to get one, or you can just pay someone who is trustworthy and knows the spawn time to do it for you. People usually charge $40-$80 USD for services like that.

The unlore Panda Costume has no lvl requirement to wear, and to get one you either need to get very lucky in the Christmas Event(which may or may not happen this year and in the future), or you can buy it off players for 2m-4m gold or $30-$60 USD. With the risk of the event never happening in the future(since there was no event in 2017, there's no way to guarantee it will happen in 2018) I suggest you buy an unlore Panda Costume. Also, please make sure you use someone trustworthy as a Middleman. Preferably use someone that has posted a lot of deals in the Offical MM Thread in this forum, like Darkplug, Skyline, Cheque etc. Or you could use someone from the MM guild on EO.

Also, if you ever need to look up what items are available and unavailable(discontinued) on this server as well as a bunch of other info, refer to this site - https://game.eoserv.net/

I hope this reply answers all of your questions. If you need help with anything or need more info in-game, feel free to PM me when I'm online on Kingofdemonz.
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