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Endless Online Creation Side

Post by Jimmyee » Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:20 pm


By this post I invite you to join new Discord server created for the purpose of people who create stuff and projects related to Endless Online. I'm also answering Mouses thread by that.

First of all, with respect to the "Official Endless Online" Discord, this is not an approach to make one more general EO community server.


This is home for everyone who creates anything related to Endless Online or creates anything related to MMO RPG games which is in any way closely related to Endless Online.

This channel doesn't relate only to the EO game - it also relates to any MMO RPG creation alike.

It is intended to be a peaceful, joyful integration tool for all the people in this manner and in any other positive way than mentioned before.
Please let yourself feel fully comfortable, relax and enjoy the flight :>

Feel free to request your own channel category and channels in order to support your project or projects.
Please contact my persona in that order.


As I've seen and you can also observe, new projects related to EO continuously are coming up and again, the idea is to integrate everyone and create an opportunity for people to exchange the information, establish cooperations, exchange work or anything else you can imagine or do with other people in this manner.


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