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Re: Hey losers lol!!

Post by Cillar » Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:10 pm

I think it's possible, but severely improbable.

I would love EO to prosper because in truth, it's a genuinely fun game with simple controls and an awesome customization system. However, there are obvious roadblocks to this. To what Stix said earlier about retro games having a viable market, that's true, but a lot of those games also provide incredible stories, gameplay, etc. As it stands, EO does not have any support/content for today's normal gamer. In order to fix that, EO would need to, at minimum, do the following:

- Fix the class system, including spells/spell levels, adding more spells, making literally any class other than archer/warrior viable.
- Make the stats vary more, as many armors and weapons don't add any variety to the combat system.
- Leveling/EXP system would probably do fine, but could really use some balancing for different monsters and the potential to adjust the level cap.
- Regular updates and attention from game devs/admins. It's one thing to be silent but completely leaving the server to it's whim is honestly asking
for boredom and an inevitable slow decline in the playerbase.
- Honestly maybe something a little more to the playing system. Since private servers came to be, things like Fishing/Mining/AOE Attacks were
implemented, and whether or not they were done well, it's a novel concept and pretty straightforward way to improve the games re-playability.

Even after that I feel like I'm not experienced enough and might only be scratching the surface, but the point I'm trying to make is that I think the way EO currently is vs. the way EO could be is vastly different. Everyone has kind of just fallen into this rut of enjoying the game as it was, but now isn't then, and there are a lot more factors and expectations for games now, even if they are retro.

I love EO, it started a lot of things for me, but with the way EO is treated now I don't have very high hopes for any kind of rejuvenation.
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