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Suggestions for new content

Post by Omen » Thu Jan 21, 2021 2:50 pm

Add Scrolls, preferably one for HH, maybe another for dragons, even outside octo. Have them sell for 500-1000g, and also be a rare drop from barbarians

Raise octo HP and attack slightly, raise ninja leader hp and attack, and decrease the spawn time to 3 minutes, decrease gold drops also. anything to make those bosses more engaging,

Increase medium health potion costs slightly, maybe large potions too. A cooldown timer on potion usage would make a healing class more useful in the future but id understand why that would be an issue

Seperate tarantuda npc that also spawns in the new apo room, that way its not completely empty all the time, could make those aggressive also, to change it up a bit, would keep the players there busy while theyre waiting for apo to spawn

Duplicate biter room with seperate entrance/exit would be cool.

These next ideas are a bit of a stretch:

Buffspells would be a cool addition, i used a spell that increased attack for a period of time, non stackable, stuff like that adds a little depth to the combat

An elemental system almost (Strength/weakness?) but less advanced, with maybe 3 core differences, maybe slash, strike, and a third type (i think runescape does something similar), so some monsters will obviously have a weakness value to one of these. This would make obtaining different items worthwhile, and keep the players busy. (I want x item for fighting x bosses specifically etc etc)

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