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Post by Razuel » Wed Jun 12, 2019 3:19 am

I'm pretty high and tired rn but I have something I want to get off my chest that hasn't come out yet

At this point I think anyone who plays has been doing so for at least +5 years but there's a lot of old shit that still pops up even when I get on for 15 min like about vultr or about ownership and never getting updates blah blaah blahhhaha I used to ask too but that's all you can do is ask and continue to play straight vanilla eo with the remaining population (not really playing mostly lurking in aeven with hoards of wealth spread across several accounts they probably haven't looked at in 3 months).

Everyone thinks they have bachelors in economics but really they're playing virtual hoodrat in a thug simulator, because in reality making gold either involves long, intense intervals of finger-moving or shafting some poor fucker who logs in with d/c items and doesn't know. And don't even fucking bother me with irl trading. I never agreed with it when the clone came up but it's the only reason most people log in.

It's sad most times because I log in and then log out cause ohthatsright nothing to do. But it's partially my fault because I fall out of games easy, but I can't get into grinding or anything anymore and my feelings for the game are just so strung out. It was the server Programmer opened for the summer I think 2015 that was my all-time favorite (Subject or Sovereign msg me if you see this lmao). That's the dumbest shit too was that the clone carried over everyone's botted shit, so yeah that. That was fair.

I know Sordie has been posting about the new client and it's looking pretty awesome.

Some of you are seriously stuck at 12 years old.

Sorry if you feel targeted. Feel free to correct or insult me. I won't read it.

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