Regarding Old Account Recovery

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Regarding Old Account Recovery

Post by Alipheese » Tue Aug 15, 2017 4:45 am

Recently found of this EO clone, and was happy to see I have an old character still available for recovery. As with age people forget things. So remembering a username and password combo of around 10 years ago is quite hard. The ticket page does not give the ability to recover with the email associated with the account as you can put an email to an account when making it, why is this? Something else to mention is the harshly strict rulings on being able to recover in the first place, even if you have the information to the account and possibly the email thats not enough? What could one do to ensure that they are the owner besides user/pass and email and possibly knowing the names/items on the other characters on that account.

If someone could clarify the information regarding recovery and the few things i've spoke of that would be much appreciated, thank you coming from a family of 3 v0.08 starters.

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Re: Regarding Old Account Recovery

Post by Sordie » Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:21 pm

The reason we don't have password recovery is down to account trading. Account trading has become a big part of EO whether you like it or not (personally not a fan). Some people even play real life money for accounts.

So here lies the problem; having password recovery would allow people to sell accounts, collect whatever they traded for and then later request the password back. This would simply create way to many problems for everyone, not at least GMs.

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